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  • One of the methods of malaria prevention.

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    One of the main approaches to malaria prevention is the spraying of insecticide on walls – an approach known as indoor residual spraying (IRS). After a female mosquito obtains its blood meal, which if from an infected person may contain the malaria parasite, she must rest while digesting. Spraying indoor walls and surfaces with long lasting insecticide means that mosquitoes that then land on them will die and transmission of the malaria parasite to a new host is disrupted. Copyright Malaria Consortium/William Daniels
  • The European Court of Human Rights‘ importance means that the U.S. Supreme Court has looked to its rulings as par…

    KISKA & La RUE: Europe stands strong for traditional definition of marriage
    A court decision issued last month about same-sex marriage received almost no news coverage in the United States, yet the decision could have significant implications when the U.S. Supreme Court decides whether the Constitution requires it.

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